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MMVC13: Transitioning to Hybrid Teaching and Learning

24 Aug

2013 07:00 AM (CST)

This class ran for 58 minutes

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About the class

About the class

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Augsburg College is moving over 400 F2F courses to a hybrid model for the Fall 2013-2014 semester. Augsburg is making this bold move to increase student engagement and enhance learning opportunities for all weekend college undergraduate and all graduate and professional courses. The Hybrid delivery model will offer new opportunities to overcome the limitations of the current schedule, better enable compliance with federal credit guidelines, and increase student contact with the instructor, their fellow students, and with the course content.

Attendees will take away Augsburg’s experience of developing faculty professional development to accomplish the transition, its inclusion of library staff and resources into the new hybrid model, the extensive work plan of the IT academic services staff, and the attention to accessibility for all learners in the new model. Augsburg uses Moodle, Adobe Connect, VoiceThread and Qualtrics in its hybrid model.

About the Presenter
Dan McGuire leads the Augsburg IT Academic Liaisons team and the Center for Teaching and Learning Course Design Consultants group supporting faculty at Augsburg as all Graduate and Weekend College courses are transitioned to a Hybrid model.

Helped pioneer the use of Moodle as a blended instructional tool and as a staff development process and tool.

Articulate presenter on technology integration in professional venues . Writing on technology integration practices has garnered national and international recognition. Represented user groups (teachers) as co-chair of District Technology Advisory Committee. Collaborates in problem solving and system development as Co-Manager of Minnesota Moodle Users Group.

Extensive early career success in business creating new products and services and helping others be successful using and creating new products and services. Work included: opening a successful telecom market in China, created two new branches for a national telecom vendor, and assisted in starting two new companies in emerging micro-computer industry.

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