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MMVC13: Can Moodle be a viable tool to educate the masses in Africa?

25 Aug

2013 12:00 PM (CST)

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About the class

About the class

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About the Presentation

This research study aims to inform and persuade stakeholders in Africa to support instructors by meeting their online basic needs so they develop blended online courses because online teaching should not be done in isolation. The research,carried out from 2010 to 2013, is concerned with teacher professional development in four institutions in Africa (Burundi, Rwanda, and Congo Democratic Republic). However, it will focus on one higher education institution, a teacher training institute, where instructors have been successfully trained on how to constructively create,develop, and manage online courses in Moodle but, after the training, failed to further develop the skills and knowledge they have gained.

Firstly, the study will use instructors’ personal experience including challenges they have faced . It will then recommend a blended learning (BL) approach (combination of face-to-face with online instruction and learning via Moodle) because of its potential to develop learning and teaching beyond the classroom. Finally, it will make suggestions to stakeholders as to what they need to put in place to support instructors and learners with a view to adopt BL, a growing model of teaching and learning across the world.

Key words:Blended Learning, Constructivism,Continuous Professional Development in Africa, Higher Education,Online Learning in Africa.

About the Presenter

Janvier Nkurunziza is a language teacher and student in the UK(MA TESOL and Technology,University of Manchester). Originally, He's from Burundi in Central Africa. He has successfully completed Moodle courses by Dr. Nellie Deutsch(Moodle for teachers, beginner to advanced levels). Over the past three years, , He has been involved in a few teacher training projects as a trainer at four universities in Burundi, Congo Democratic Republic and Rwanda. In those institutions, he has trained instructors to design, develop, and implement courses in Moodle (English and French). He would like to present a research study done as a result of the training and share his experience with others so we can learn from each other as a community

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