• Webinars / MM3: Proactivism in a Changing Educational Arena 2020/2030


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MM3: Proactivism in a Changing Educational Arena 2020/2030

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About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Proactivism in a changing educational arena 2020/2030 with Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson

The session will focus on consequences due to changed learning and educational paradigm towards open, personalized, hybrid and ubiquitous learning. Furthermore the session will focus on the demands for institutions to be proactive in their strategical offers as learning take place anywhere and anytime and available from everywhere. Formal and informal learning become more blurred. Instituitions have to collaborate internationally at the same time they are competing.There are needs for proactivism in a changing educational arena towards 2020/2030.

Ebba Ossiannilsson, PhD, is a Project Manager at the Centre for Educational Development, and at the Evaluation Office at Lund University, SE. In Dec 2012 she was appointed to take the lead for Lund University to go towards open education, MOOC, OER etc. and to investigate strategic missions on e-learning for Lund University.

Ossiannilsson earned her PhD from Oulu University, FI (14/12/2012). Her research is on international benchmarking, quality and quality enhancement on e-learning in Higher Educational Institutions. She also work and research on mobile learning, OERs and MOOCs

Ossiannilsson works as consultant in a number of local, regional, national and international projects and governmental commissions in the areas of lifelong learning, widening recruitment, internationalization, e-learning/ODL, utilization of ICT, open educational resources (OER)/practices (OEP)/culture (OEC), user generated content (UGC) pedagogical development, innovative learning in digital learning contexts, extended learning environments, next generation learning, mobile learning, MOOCs and on quality related issues. She is a certified quality reviewer for Epprobate, ECB Check and UNIQue.

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Doctor of Education

Ossiannilsson, PhD is a Project Manager at the Centre for Educational Development, Lund University, Sweden. Ossiannilsson earned her PhD from Oulu University, Finland, with a dissertation on international benchmarking, and quality enhancement on e-learning in Higher Education. Since year 2000, she work with strategic issues on e-learning, online distance learning, innovative smart learning, learning analytics, MOOCs, OERs and open education, especially concerning quality and benchmarking. From a research perspective Ossiannilsson is the author of a number of reports and studies in the fields mentioned above. Her publication list is extensive (around 160). She frequently participates as a speaker at conferences, as well as international online courses and MOOCs. She has carried out some 30 MOOCs herself, mainly on learning design and quality issues in online learning. During the EMOOC Stakeholder Summit 2014 she was on the panel in the Policy and quality track. She is in the Ed board for international open access journals open learning.

Ossiannilsson serves as quality reviewer for UNIQe, ECB Check, E-cellence and Epprobate and is responsible for several benchmarking projects and quality projects nationally and international. She was among the founders and course leader for OER Practitioner Services, and the developer of Epprobate by Learning Agency Network (LANETO). Ossiannilsson is a consultant in international and national associations and projects.

Ossiannilsson is the Swedish partner of Campus NooA (The International Learning Mall for Online Courses). She work in Swedish, Nordic and Baltic OER Projects. She is Vice President of the Swedish Association of Distance Education (SVERD). Ossiannilsson is a board member in EDEN-NAP, EFQUEL, and LANETO. She served as a board member in EUCEN (2002-2008). She serves as an evaluator for the SEQUENT.

Ossiannilsson earned the EDEN Fellow 2014. The title is an expression of acknowledgement of professional merit, who have demonstrated excellence in professional practice in the field of flexible and distance learning and provided valued support to the evolution and progress of EDEN.

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