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SBF: Learning2gether.net: Blogging and logging weekly conversations

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About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Vance Stevens will discuss Learning2gether.net: Blogging and logging weekly conversations among educators

About the Presentation
Learning2gether is an initiative of Vance Stevens evolving from synchronous meetings with Webheads in Action taking place weekly since 1998 and more directly from three WiAOC (WiA Online Convergences) in 2005, 2007, and 2009. L2g started in 2010 and has hosted conversations most weeks since, usually on Sundays (but for this occasion, on a Saturday). L2g encourages all educators who enjoy connecting with peers to volunteer to contribute their voices to perpetuating weekly conversations at our L2g venues. This presentation will explain how L2g works and how you can contribute and participate.

About Vance Stevens
Vance Stevens was 20 years an EFL lecturer and CALL coordinator before becoming CALL software developer and consultant, lecturer in computing, teacher coordinator at the Naval College in Abu Dhabi, and most recently, English teacher at the UAE air college in Al Ain. He founded Webheads in Action in 1998 and has coordinated that community of practice ever since, including organizing three free international online teacher conferences. He was founding member and past chair of the CALL-IS in TESOL, he has taught in two of TESOL's online professional development programs, and is a coordinator of the TESOL-affiliated Electronic Village Online sessions, where he has facilitated sessions each year since 2002. He has been working for the past decade on promoting professional development and learner autonomy via social media and collaboration in online spaces; e.g. http://learning2gether.net/. He has numerous publications and presentations listed at http://vancestevens.com/papers/ . He currently serves on the executive board of APACALL, and the editorial boards of TESL-EJ, CALL Journal, and through 2014 Writing & Pedagogy.
Learning2gether.net Blogging and logging weekly conversations among educators.

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