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SBF: Inquiry-based Approach 2 Learning with Digital Technologies

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Dr. Norm Vaughan will discuss Fostering an inquiry-based approach to learning through the use of digital technologies

About the Presentation
The presenter will discuss and debate if digital technologies and Garrison, Anderson & Archer’s (2000) Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework can foster an inquiry-based approach to learning.

About Dr. Norman Vaughan
An educator and researcher with interests in blended learning, faculty development and K to 12 schooling, Dr. Norm Vaughan is a Professor in the Faculty of Teaching and Learning at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. Norm has co-authored the books Teaching in Blended Learning Environments: Creating and Sustaining Communities of Inquiry (2013) and Blended Learning in Higher Education (2008) and he has published a series of articles on blended learning and faculty development.

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