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SBF: Direct Connect: Blogs and Research with Dr. Janet Salmons

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About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Janet Salmons will discuss Direct Connect: Blogs and Research

About the Presentation
Academics have traditionally relied on the peer reviewers and editors to verify their work and mediate communications between them and readers. Peer reviewed journals and scholarly books remain critically important. But with blogs and social networking, academics have the chance to communicate directly. In this session I will discuss ways to use blogs to connect across the globe, and share examples.
- Researcher to researcher: Sharing and exchange
- Researcher to participant: Building credibility for the study and "informing" participants about it.
- Researcher to audience: Sharing findings, translating results into practical resources.

About Dr. Janet Salmons
Janet Salmons is an independent scholar, writer and consultant through Vision2Lead.com. Janet has served on the online graduate faculty of the Capella University School of Business since 1999.She wrote Doing Qualitative Research Online (forthcoming), Qualitative Online Interviews (2015) and edited Cases in Online Interview Research (2012).

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