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SBF: Creative Pedagogy and Mobile Technology with Joanna Norton

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About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Joanna Norton will discuss Creative Pedagogy and Mobile Technology

About the Session
What is creativity and how do you incorporate it into daily lesson plans? How can you also include mobile technology in the creative process so both you and your students are developing together?

Our learners and the world around us are a constant source of inspiration for lesson ideas. However, finding time to reflect and document such creative ideas takes time, especially when teaching back-to-back lessons on a daily basis. In this session, Joanna will share insight into her process of ideas generation and the role of her sketchbooks, how she aligns creativity with teaching and learning objectives and how mobile technologies are subsequently deployed to ensure students are responsible for both creating and critically evaluating their own content.

About Joanna Norton
Joanna Norton is a teacher, teacher-educator and mobile content entrepreneur working at the intersection of creativity, ELT and science. She is a proponent of including more corpus-based learning within classroom practice and uses such methodologies as the starting point for mobile app development. Joanna lectures at the University of the Arts in central London and is primarily interested in the overlap between literacy, creativity and STEM. She runs creative training workshops for teachers in the area of ideas generation, pedagogy and mobile technology and is a keen advocate of STEM/STEAM/STREAM education.

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