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CO11: The Pearls and Perils of Online Learning by Dr Pheo Martin

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

The Pearls and Perils of Online Learning by Dr Pheo Martin

About the Presenter:
Dr. Pheo Martin, Director of Realizing Education's Potential Institute has been re-conceptualizing Educational Theory and Curriculum for 30 years, integrating this into k-16 and adult education levels. She is presently integrating curriculum theory and development for online learning/distance education. In recognizing the vast potential of quality online learning, she has presented at national and international online and face2face conferences. She also promotes online learning/distance education in publications and faculty development/teacher training.

About the Presentation:
Online Learning has vast potential and yet, great challenges. This presentation will discuss both, with suggestions of how to maximize the potential, and successfully overcome the challenges. There are issues specific to the educational institutions, educators, and students that will be discussed. This presentation provides an “overall” look at what is happening and how what can help online learning succeed.


Integrating Technology for Active Life-long Learning
CO11 on IT4ALL Moodle & WiZiQ
Feb 4-6, 2011

Welcome to the annual connecting online live online conference (CO11). You are cordially invited to participate at the live online conference on the weekend of Feb 4-6 2011.

The conference will be of interest to educators, administrators, students, and community members who value the importance of integrating technology into the curriculum to improve instruction and learning. Online learning involves various skills on the part of the instructor and learner. These include social and communication skills, social networking, independent learning strategies, critical and higher order thinking skills, creativity, and effective online and face-to-face facilitation. In addition, there are may challenges that the educators, administrators, students, and community members face.

The CO11 will be conducted on IT4ALL Moodle with the presentations on WiZiQ through the Moodle.

The themes for the presentations are:

  1. Connecting Online to Improve Instruction and Learning: Online Learning and Instructional Experience

  2. Experiences with technology in face-to-face and online classes. What worked and what didn't work for you?

  3. How do you use technology to promote and sustain your online workshops, consultation, and communities of practice and learning?

  4. Research conducted on e-learning, blended online learning, and blended learning.

  5. Reviewing or promoting books on integrating technology into the classroom, e-learning, blended learning, and blended online learning.

  6. Challenges administrators, instructors, students, and community members face in connecting online.

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