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Using Kitely Virtual Worlds on Demand for Immersive Courseware

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About the class

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The story behind Kitely

We began working on Kitely in 2008, with the vision of enabling people to use virtual worlds as an on-demand utility. We showed our initial work to the market, and got many enthusiastic responses from people who stated that they would love to use Kitely in their organizations. We then presented Kitely to dozens of seed-stage investors. However, despite the amazing feedback we had received, we couldn't get any seed-stage investors to back Kitely before we got some real-world traction.

We were left with two choices: either we gave up on an idea in which we truly believed, or we would need to double down and commit ourselves to bootstrapping a solution that professional investors were unwilling to invest in. After considering the great feedback we had received from our potential customers we agreed that we wouldn't let our lack of funding stop us, and we decided to bring Kitely to market using our own limited resources.

It took us more than two years of intensive development until we were ready to start Kitely's public beta in March 2011. During this time Oren worked at another startup, and spent mornings, evenings, weekends and vacations building our solution. Meanwhile Ilan juggled between being a full time dad to his newborn son and working on Kitely during hundreds of long nights.

It has not been easy for us or our families, but we believe bringing you Kitely was worth it. If you agree and want to see us succeed and continue developing Kitely then please tell your friends and colleagues about us.

Ilan Tochner has years of entrepreneurial experience and a profound technical knowledge in software development and management. Ilan formerly held key positions in several funded and unfunded startups, including CEO at IDChoice and Director of Infrastructure Development at OmniSky. Ilan holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University and a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

About the Host



Doctor of Education

Matthew Poole aka Cyrus Hush

Matthew Poole is the Director of Online Academics at American National University in Roanoke, Virginia. He is working on a PhD in Education with a concentration in web-based learning, and regularly leads tours in Second Life of interesting new ideas and builds that might be of scientific, cultural, historic or artistic interest to educators.

WOW or SL: Things to Think about When Choosing a Virtual World for Teaching

My presentation will be a tour of Expedition Central and a discussion of possible applications of Second Life and/or Open Sim environments in education with either a YouTube video or slide show comparing the educational values of Second Life and World of Warcraft (which is almost done). SLURL to come.

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