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Flipping the Elementary Classroom with Digital Media

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Elementary children love technology. They are motivated to use it and show great creativity when having access to computers, tablets, or other devices. In this presentation we will examine:

1. Why this is the case
2. Why teachers should address this learner need
3. And how they can do it

The presentation will discuss the needs of digital learners, the need to prepare children for a global and connected world in need of team players, and culturally literate employees.

Further, a number of actual software applications, programs, and products will be shared with the participants for future use in their classrooms.

Dr. Broady is an associate professor of education at Georgetown College in the USA. She came to the United States in 1989 to attend college. Dr. Broady joined Georgetown College in 2001. She has been the program director of the ESL teacher endorsement program. She has been instrumental in ESL teacher and world language teacher training in Central Kentucky since 1999. Dr. Broady’s interests include advocacy, technology, and professional learning communities in the areas of ESL and World Languages. Dr. Broady is a committed life-long learner and enthusiastic technology user rooted in constructivism. She has been teaching online since 1991 and published and presented widely on technology and its role in the process of learning and teaching ESL.

Dr. Broady believes that teaching is the greatest vocation on earth. As an educator she sees her role as that of coach empowering school personnel to meet all academic and social needs of immigrant and all student populations as well as their families and communities. To that end, advocacy for those without voice is one of her prime concerns along with preparing all students for a global 21st century.

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